Impact X: Rules Update 1.1.0

Area Terrain now is defined as having a height equal to its highest point, whether that is a 5″ tree or a 1″ rock. Previously area terrain had no defined height and could potentially be infinitely high despite being nothing more than a two-dimensional piece of felt on the table. This change helps the rules around vehicles and units behind but not within area terrain interact more cleanly. Ground Vehicles and Emplacement troopers are now also defined as area terrain which helps clean up the cover they provide in game terms.

Area Weapons are added to the game. Area weapons affect every unit within the given area, defined as a range from the source. Roll the attack dice separately against each affected unit, you can’t roll once and use the result for all affected units. Also similarly area weapons cant be in the same dice pool as other weapons including other area weapons, so area weapons that detonate simultaneously such as the mines in mine field are rolled separately. Area weapons also count as ranged attacks meaning that you apply cover and dodge as normal and you also suffer a suppression from them for each time they are rolled against your unit. so the minefield condition that detonates twice will add 2 suppression and roll the dice twice against every unit within range 1 of the token.

Continue Reading: Rules Update 1.1.0

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