Sorastro: Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide Ep.50: Sabine Wren

Not Star Wars Legion, but the Sabine Wren mini, after a quick base swop, fits perfectly in with any custom game of Legion.

If you’re like me, you bought your Sabine mini months ago, primed her, then sat her on a shelf too intimidated to start globing paint all over her in an attempt to match one of her complex color schemes.

The master mini painter, Sorastro now has you covered…not in paint. BUT will show you how to cover your Sabine in paint.

Hello! This is a guide to painting Sabine Wren from Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Imperial Assault:
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Index of Painting Techniques covered on the channel:…

0:42 – Painting Stages
1:32 – Base Colours
14:16 – Shade
16:25 – Highlights & Finishing Touches
17:21 – Skin Highlights
22:53 – Chest Armour
26:13 – Pink Non-Metallic Metal
37:22 – Paint Splats

English Uniform (VMC)
German Grey (VMC)
Titanium White (Schmincke)
Mournfang Brown
Naggaroth Night
Flat Blue (VMC)
Black (VMC)
Fire Dragon Bright
Yriel Yellow
Screamer Pink
Mephiston Red
Prussian Blue (VMC)
Agrax Earthshade
Nuln Oil
White Ink (D&R)
Kislev Flesh
Nurgling Green
Troll Slayer Orange
Green Fluo (VMC)
Magenta Fluo (VMC)
Orange Fluo (VMC)
Blue Green (VMC)
Nihilakh Oxide

Brushes used for this video:
Rosemary & Co Series 8 Size 2
Redgrass Games 2/0 Fine Detail Brush

Everlasting Wet Palette:

Flow Enhancer by Daler & Rowney:

“Starborn” album on Spotify:…

“Starborn” album on iTunes:…

“Starborn” album on Bandcamp:…

“Starborn” album on Googleplay:…

“Starborn” album on Amazon:…

All music composed by and © copyright owned by Sorastro.

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