The Fifth Trooper: When Death Troopers come knocking: Why my Star Wars Legion list has changed

If you have listened to our podcast The Fifth Trooper or our sister cast Notorious Scoundrels, you know that since January I have been running a 12-activation list that I loved. It didn’t have any heroes; it didn’t have any truly costly units; it was just a wall of units coming down at you (if you haven’t heard of it or need a refresher it is to the right).

 I loved this list for several reasons:

  • Activation Control: I had 12 activations, generally I could count on having at least 2 more than most opponents I faced.
  • Blue Bid: It had a 5 pt bid. 90% of the time this meant I was going to be blue player.
  • Low Cost Units: The costliest unit I had in the list were the Royal Guard. That was it. So, the fear of losing a centerpiece unit was not a factor.

Now it took me a while to understand the play style of the list. At the time I had a highly aggressive play style. Coming from a background of playing red aggro in Magic the Gathering, I saw the Empire as a hit ‘em hard hit ‘em fast faction, with red dice to save your ass when you misplace or get too aggressive. This was just flat wrong, not only with this list but with the game in general.

What changed? I played… a lot, I lost… a lot, and with those two things I learned. I learned to keep 50% of my snipers hidden during deployment. I learned that E-Webs are fickle beasts that need to be deployed with care. I learned that Guardian 2 is the best thing about the IRG. I learned how to play General Veers as a mega support unit with Spotter and Inspire. I learned how to play Star Wars Legion.

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