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A short while ago, Fantasy Flight Games announced the Director Orson Krennic expainson for Star Wars Legion, the main bad guy from Rogue One. 

Now we have just been given a better look at the character made famous by Ben Mendelssohn in the movie, and hes a pretty nasty piece of work too!

Krennic in Rogue One comes across as a very slimy character who has worked his way up through the ranks of the Empire and thinks that he is above everything and everyone, that is until he tries to take on Darth Vader and gets taken down a huge amount.
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Target’s Sale On Legion Expansions

Normally I’m a huge advocate for supporting your local gaming store… Except for when there’s a great deal to be had. Currently Target has a buy two get one free sale on Snowtroopers, Speeder Bikes and Air Speeders through this upcoming Saturday.

Credit to Ryan Leedy on Facebook for the great find.

Konstantin Shikharvi says:


Today is the last day of the sale. Any figure from this album will cost 8 euros, subject to the purchase of any 6 figures. You can also buy Ewoks at a price of 60 euros for three sets. Darth Vader is not involved in the action – the dark lord is tired)))

Any single figures participate in the action. Ewoks still can be bought for 60 euros – three sets + Ewok Jedi

Sale –

For all questions write to me))) – .

My group

Delivery of the world 3-5 euros. If you order more than 4 figures, the delivery will be free.

Worldwide shipping !

Payments to Paypal.”