NTMTO Blog: LVO Top 6 lists and (brief) Recap

Unless you have been wallowing in a Sarlaac pit, you probably know that the Las Vegas Open Maximum Firepower Legion tournament was this weekend.  62 players showed up to take part in the Galactic Civil War.  There were many heroic moments, some tight games, some gorgeous tables, and lots of awesome people.

The experience was a blast.  I had the privilege of helping out; setting up terrain, doing some judging, and generally performing whatever else my overlords required of me.  I got to meet tons of people I’ve never met in person but have interacted with on a near daily basis over the interwebs.  I was constantly impressed by the classiness and demeanor of my fellow Legion players.

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Impact X Blog: Corner Case: Kiting

Nicholas Freeman January 29, 2019


Kiting is the tactic of keeping distance between the attacking unit and the defending unit so that you can get extra activations and an attrition advantage before the opposing unit is able to attack optimally – so called because in most instances you will have one unit running and another unit following behind them like a kite. Kiting is a key tactic leveraging range or speed advantages over your opponent to maximize your longevity while still whittling down your opponent. Knowing how to kite or how to avoid it can often be a deciding factor in the attrition war.

The premise is pretty easy, and the actual execution isn’t too difficult either. The core of kiting is to reduce the targets optimal actions by allocating suppression or keeping distance to maintain an activation or damage advantage.

Relevant Rules:

version 1.2.0


• Range is measured in 6″ increments 

• Speed 1 is just short of 3″ plus base size

• Speed 2 is just short of 5″ plus base size

• Speed 3 is just short of 7″ plus base size

• Small base is 27mm or 1.06″

• Medium base is 50mm or 1.96″

• Large base is 70mm or 2.75″

• Huge base is 100mm or 3.9″

• Small base moving speed 2 is just short of 1 range band

Courage: If a trooper unit ever has a number of suppression tokens assigned to it that is equal to or greater than that unit’s courage value, that unit is suppressed.

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Imperial Discipline Blog: The Legion Buying Guide (Holiday Special 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 7.58.08 PM

Kevin of the Imperial Discipline blog has a handy-dandy Star Wars Legion buying guide just in time for the Holiday Season. Just think of it as your 2018 version of the Sears Catalog.

Kevin writes: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year for new players to join our community. Whether you’ve been lurking the forums and Facebook group or are warily eyeing your unpainted core set in the corner, let’s take a look at what to do when you’re starting Legion from scratch this winter season. All aboard the Holiday Special Express!”

Check his awesome Star Wars Legion buying guide out after the jump: https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2018/12/06/the-legion-buying-guide-holidays-2018-19/?fbclid=IwAR3wJ-u_qcBYrtGdsu1KMk98y9nQa9BZtuatAwhvwDmnVVkydLJ8zaven0k


The New Ways to Motivate Them blog launches

There’s a new blog in town geared towards the Imperial player. The blog is by Grananana who recently went to the finals in the Table Top Simulator Invader League.

His first two blog post is up:

Invader League Elimination Round Battle Report – Part 1

Invader League Season 2- Reviewing the List Which Took Me to the Finals

House of Gaming Partner of Imperial Terrain Opens Shop

House of Gaming is pleased to announce their new 3d terrain printing service.

They have partnered with Imperial Terrain to bring you their exclusive terrain for Star Wars Legion and other Sci Fi games, in both painted and unpainted form, at extremely competitive prices shipped within the UK.

They also post battle reports, building guides, etc on their site as well.

Find their shop after the jump: houseofgaming.co.uk