Impact X Blog: Rules Update 1.3.0

Nick Freeman takes us on a bird’s eye view of the recently updated Rules Reference:

Activating: When multiple effects occur at the same timing during a units activation (without pre-arranged resolution timings such as with detonate and standby) the player controlling the activating unit decides the order that effects resolve in. This is a new addition and clears up a lot of confusion around timing issues.

Armor X Keyword: Armor X works in the same way that Armor does, but is a limited keyword instead of unlimited. This gives some granularity and control to the system.

Base Contact: This is a reversal from a previous rule that friendly models could not be base to base with other friendly models in different units. This allows you to gain cover from vehicles and emplacements while ignoring the cover yourself. It also clears up some illegal game-states that could be created under certain circumstances and cleans up and streamlines the rules.

Climb Clamber: While climbing a mini can partially overhang a ledge as long as the mini is stable. This is a reversal on previous reversal… essentially back to where we started.

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The Legion Outriders Podcast: LVO Recap

The guys sit down (in person!) with L.J. Pena and Nick Freeman to discuss the biggest event in Legion’s short history, the Las Vegas Open! We recap what lists won, why this event was so successful, and which Outrider managed to lose to a T-47.

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Impact X Blog: LVO 2019 Wrap-Up

LVO 2019 is wrapped. It was by far the largest SW: Legion event to date by nearly 300% and on top of that it had the best tables and best prize support out of any of them. I think everyone will tell you the same and I think we have set a good benchmark of what the community can do and what the game can be. Plenty of other people will tell you about the event logistics so I won’t cover them too much except to say that LJ did a fantastic job and this wouldn’t have been possible without him. 

The event also collected a lot of data which Orkimedes will be analyzing to give us a macro look at the meta which I am really excited about, and I will post the top lists to the list section for micro analysis too. In this post I want to talk more about my personal experience and what I think about the state of the game at the moment. 

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Legion Impact: Jyn Erso – Stardust

Jyn is our Stardust. Reluctant rebel, but dedicated to the cause and the greater good – and the chances of her using that blaster against you are high. In Star Wars: Legion Jyn is the fourth commander and first commander not from the original trilogy and she brings a whole new set of tricks to the way the Rebels play. 


Base Unit Summary: (commander)

  • Damage Output – Ranged: Below Average: 2.125* see upgrades below

  • Damage Consistency Ranged: Above Average: surge to crit, Pierce 1, Sharpshooter 1

  • Damage Output – Melee: Below Average: 2.5

  • Damage Consistency – Melee: Above Average: surge to crit

  • Damage Resistance: Below Average: 33.4%

  • Wounds: Average: 6

  • Attrition: Above Average: 6/figure

  • Range: Average: 1-3* see upgrades below

  • Speed: Average: 2

  • Courage: Above Average: 3

  • Role: Commander, Control, Objective Focused, Special

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Impact X Blog: Corner Case: Kiting

Nicholas Freeman January 29, 2019


Kiting is the tactic of keeping distance between the attacking unit and the defending unit so that you can get extra activations and an attrition advantage before the opposing unit is able to attack optimally – so called because in most instances you will have one unit running and another unit following behind them like a kite. Kiting is a key tactic leveraging range or speed advantages over your opponent to maximize your longevity while still whittling down your opponent. Knowing how to kite or how to avoid it can often be a deciding factor in the attrition war.

The premise is pretty easy, and the actual execution isn’t too difficult either. The core of kiting is to reduce the targets optimal actions by allocating suppression or keeping distance to maintain an activation or damage advantage.

Relevant Rules:

version 1.2.0


• Range is measured in 6″ increments 

• Speed 1 is just short of 3″ plus base size

• Speed 2 is just short of 5″ plus base size

• Speed 3 is just short of 7″ plus base size

• Small base is 27mm or 1.06″

• Medium base is 50mm or 1.96″

• Large base is 70mm or 2.75″

• Huge base is 100mm or 3.9″

• Small base moving speed 2 is just short of 1 range band

Courage: If a trooper unit ever has a number of suppression tokens assigned to it that is equal to or greater than that unit’s courage value, that unit is suppressed.

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Impact X: Gathering Legions Map Based Campaign Play

Nicholas Freeman recently developed and released the very exciting Gathering Legions Campaign Mode which he describes as below:

Gathering Legions is an alternative campaign mode for Star Wars: Legion that includes character building, growth, and narrative mission play.

Today he released the Map Based Campaign Play.

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Impact X: Gathering Legions Campaign

Nicholas Freeman posted the following on Facebook earlier today: “My local group and I have been playing around with these rules and are about to start a full campaign to give them a real test… but I think they are in a place where I can share them with the rest of you and get your feedback too… Plus who doesn’t want to make their own Star Wars heroes?!

Give them a read through and share your thoughts. What would be most helpful for me to hear is things you find unclear, things you think have been missed or should be added, some of your favorite house rules you play with, and then make a character or two and share them below!

the goal going forward with this, once the character progression is in a good place, is to partner with Imperial Terrain to create some rules for terrain rules such as the Imperial walls, barracks, etc to include in campaigns. As well as to create campaign specific mission cards.”

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Impact X: Wookiee Warriors – Unit Analysis


Nicholas Freeman posted his analysis of the Wookiee Warriors on earlier today:

Wookiee Warriors are self sufficient skirmishers, they are melee power houses, and they are hardy enough to shrug off even the most vicious attacks. In Star Wars: Legion the Wookiee Warriors are a Rebel elite unit option. They are fast, sturdy, and efficient in melee – and as such see specialized use in of Rebel forces.

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Nick Freeman of Impact X Gifts All LVO Attendees with Updated Battle Cards

With the most recent rules update, several of the Battle Cards were errata’d, most famously Key Positions.

What’s a player to do now that their Battle Cards still tell them not to deploy their rapid reinforcements until the end of round 2?

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