Baby Yoda Miniature Brings Adorable Character to Star Wars: Legion and Warhammer 40K

Skullforge Studios recently featured on

Baby Yoda has been stealing Star Wars fan’s hearts in Disney’s The Mandalorian, and in the process has become the internet’s favorite new meme generator. While we’re still waiting on the deluge of official merchandise and swag for the adorable little guy, one Star Wars fan has made it possible to bring Baby Yoda into your favorite tabletop game of Star Wars: Legion or Warhammer 40K, and yes, the miniature is just as adorable as you would expect. The Baby Yoda mini was created by Skull Forge Studios, and you can get the 3D printed miniature now on ShapeWays (via SpikeyBits).

The 3D printed miniature features Baby Yoda riding in his adorable little hover vehicle, and he can be ordered in Smoothest Fine Detail for $11.50. The miniature is within 1:46 and 1:48, and can’t be printed in any other scales.

Now, the miniature is unofficial, so it does not come from Fantasy Flight Games, Disney, or Games Workshop (for Warhammer), but if you’re looking to add Baby Yoda to your tabletop, this is currently the only way to do it. You can check out the adorable little miniature here.


(Photo: Skull Forge Studios)

If you’re unfamiliar with Star Wars: Legion, the game is a tactical miniatures game that has players facing off against each other as the Rebellion or the Empire (in the base set), but there is also another base set that is focused on the Clone Wars era.

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Skullforge Studios also recently created a mini for other characters from the show:

Skull Forge Studios August Releases and Big News

Jordan of Skull Forge Announced today that come September you’ll be able to buy his awesome minis directly from him at a reduced cost from what Shapeways charges. He’s also helping Imperial Terrain with their Kickstarter.

Here’s what he has to offer this month:

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Skull Forge Studio’s July Additions Have Arrived!

For Skull Forge Studios’ July Releases we get an awesome batch of some grizzled old war veterans.

Here’s what Jason Cuffie from Skull Forge Studios’ posted on Facebook:

“I’m not going to leave you hanging for July! got a couple of goodies to hold you over while I’m out traveling around Europe next week. The Desert Hermit (hint hint) wont be available on shapeways until I can see how a bundle of sabers prints with their cheaper materials, however all of these models and more are now available at

Happy printing and stay cool!”

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Skull Forge New Releases

Jordon Cuffie of Skull Forge Studios teased some new minis he’s been working on this summer:

“This release starts my official (and slow) move over Gumroad!
Check it out at:
It will take some time get to all of my files onto gumroad so please use discount code GROWINGPAINS at check out to receive 35% off your order of stl’s!”

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From Skull Forge Studio:

“May the Fourth be with You!

I’ll be running a special discount on new stl files through the 10th!

Without a doubt the battle damaged ‘dark father’ was my favorite model to sculpt, a lot of love when into this model.

I’ve also completed a squad of muddy liberators to fight off my previously released grunge troopers! (the squad leader has some fun lore attached to him)”

Come get them here!

For printed models go to shapeways:

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Skull Forge Studios’ January Releases

Jordon of Skullforge Studios is at it again! Producing some incredible minis. I’m super excited about finally getting the Jedha bystanders that we’ve seen popping up in HVMWorkbench’s Jedha table photos!

Also Dr. Evazan and Pando Baba!!

Jorden says: “Just a small sprinkling of new stuff for January but rest assured, fun stuff is incoming (when it warms up a little!!)

Suggestions for new content are always welcome, and if you’re a fan or want to follow along consider joining our official community group!”