Impact X: Leia Organa – Fearless and Inventive

Leia Organa is a politician turned to a cunning general out of necessity to lead the Rebel Alliance to victory and avenge her planet of Alderaan. In Star Wars: Legion Leia is a support commander who leads from the back, skilled at enhancing her troops and getting the most effect she can out of every unit no matter how bad the casualties might be.



Base Unit Summary: (commander)

  • Damage Output – Ranged: Below Average: 1.875
  • Damage Consistency- Ranged: Above Average: surge to crit, sharpshooter 2, pierce 1
  • Damage Output – Melee: Below Average: 1.875
  • Damage Consistency- Melee: Above Average: surge to crit
  • Damage Resistance: Below Average: 33.4%
  • Wounds: Average: 6
  • Attrition: Above Average: 6/figure
  • Range: Below Average: 1-2
  • Speed: Average: 2
  • Courage: Above Average: 2
  • Role: Commander, Support

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