Star Wars: Legion Will Add Ahsoka, Ewoks, and More Mandalorian


Atomic Mass Games had quite a bit to unveil during their Gen Con Ministravaganza, and that included several new products and tests for its Star Wars: Legion Miniatures game. During the panel, they revealed several changes coming to the game and how it will evolve moving forward, but they also gave fans a sneak peek at some of the new units and factions coming to their hit Star Wars game over the next year or two, and if you happen to be a fan of The Mandalorian or Return of the Jedi, you are going to love what the future holds.

That future content features a bevy of Mandalorian-themed units and characters, and the one we got the biggest look at was the Mandalorian version of Boba Fett. They actually showed an early version of this miniature, and it looks fantastic, trading in the typical blaster pose for one that is wielding his Gaffi Stick. Fett is actually the first fully designed, sculpted, and developed character Atomic Mass Games has made for Legion after the game was moved from Fantasy Flight Games.


That would be big enough news, but that’s far from all of the Mandalorian content coming to the game. The designers also said that we’ll see Mando and The Child, as well as IG-11, Moff Gideon, Dark Troopers, and yes, even Ahsoka, and we cannot wait to build an army that includes Mando, Grogu, and Ahsoka whenever they release.

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A-A5 Speeder Truck box art and insert leak from German site


1 Plastic Miniature
1 Unit Card
16 Upgrade Cards
15 Tokens
1 Supplement


1 A-A5 miniature load glider
• 1 base with notches (175 mm x 100 mm)
• 1 evasion marker
• 1 order token
• 1 readiness marker
• 1 commander token
• 3 damage tokens for vehicles
• 4 shield tokens
• 3 wound markers
• 1 destination marker
• 1 unit card A-A5 load glider

1 AG-2G quad laser
»2 refurbished” Gonk “droid
»1 paired aiming device
“2 glider pilots from the Outer Rim
“2 unstable R5 astromech droid
»1 integrated com channel
»1 retrofitted heavy laser
“1 provincial doctor
“1 inconsiderate driver
»1 Shriv Suurgav
»2 top pilots
»1 unconventional tactician