Scene to Stats: Pyke Syndicate Foot Soldiers

“I have no desire to oppose you. We come to join you.”
–Lom Pyke, Star Wars™: The Clone Wars

The Pyke Syndicate is known throughout the galaxy for their domination of the raw spice trade. Originating in the underworld of the planet Oba Diah, the Pyke Syndicate grew in power as they obtained more and more territory. This expansion continued throughout the Clone Wars as they gained control of the mining planet Kessel. The Pykes joined Maul in the Shadow Collective and played a critical role in allowing the Death Watch to rise to power during the civil war on Mandalore. Such rapid expansion requires muscle, and the Pyke Syndicate’s Foot Soldiers are here to ensure that shipments of spice–and the credits they create–keep flowing. Join us in this installment of Scene to Stats, as we take a look at the Pyke Syndicate Foot Soldiers in Star Wars™: Legion!

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Scene to Stats: Black Sun Enforcers

by Lj Peña

We’re not mercenaries!”
–Xomit Grunseit, Star Wars™: The Clone Wars

The Black Sun is a criminal syndicate that rose to power during the tumultuous events of the Clone Wars. Seizing an opportunity created by the Jedi’s focus on military affairs, the Black Sun gained influence quickly and established itself as a formidable crime family. Primarily focusing on the trafficking of sentient life forms, the Black Sun’s success continued into the creation of the Empire and even into the era of the New Republic. The backbone of the Black Sun’s forces is the Enforcer—efficient, ruthless, and utterly dedicated to their Vigo. In this installment of Scene to Stats, we’re taking a look at the Black Sun Enforcers for Star Wars™: Legion!

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