FFG: Announcing Three Game Mats for Star Wars: Legion

As the Galactic Civil War spreads to engulf the entire Star Wars galaxy, battles can break out on any planet. Whether Imperial troops are striking at a hidden Rebel outpost in an epic engagement, or Rebel forces are hitting a sensitive Imperial target in a minor skirmish, each new operation can play out on widely different terrain.

Now, your Star Wars: Legion battles can transport you and your troops to some of the saga’s most iconic planets. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce three new playmats for Star Wars: Legion! Upgrade your play area with the Sullust Game Mat, the Hoth Game Mat, and the Jakku Game Mat!

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Legion Outriders Podcast: Episode 38

Episode 38! Have we really done 38 of these things? Seems like yesterday we just started.

In this episode, we recap some recent games, start looking at our LVO lists, and Matt has some thoughts on The Senate and wishes he had more Royal Guards.

Also, some great punnery in this episode, from an unlikely source.

Episode 38 is right here:


Impact X launches a Patreon

Nick Freeman of Impact X posted the following on Facebook this morning: “I have been debating doing a patreon for Impact X for a while now. I really don’t want to give the impression that I am doing this for income or to exploit the community because that is not my goal – however I have reached a point where I am limited in the things I want to do in the community and the things I can do by cost and time – so now seemed like the best time to launch one.

all content on Impact X will always be free to everyone and the contributions on this patreon will go directly into creating that content, as well as some small tokens of gratitude in the form of alt art cards, involvement and recognition within Impact X content, and hopefully acrylic tokens. In addition I will be creating some smaller bonus articles for the patreon community. these articles could be discussing a list you submit, breakdowns of specific situations and rules interactions, etc but will be more personal and specific to the patreon community – the bulk of content will remain free and accessible to everyone.

the first goal of this patreon is to create alt art cards to replace the errata’d Rapid Reinforcements and Key Positions in time to use at LVO as well as to create more video battle report content.

thanks for taking the time to read this and for your support. and if you chose not to support monetarily or are unable to, I hope you will still join us in growing this community around this great game.”

Check out their patreon after the jump: https://www.patreon.com/impactx

Check out the blog at: https://legionimpact.com

Impact X blog: Fun Homebrew Character Generator

Nick Freeman writes: “we are trying something new this week.

instead of competition, let’s have some fun. I dumped all the art assets you would need to make your own units at home. you will need a photo editing software to use it however.

try it out, share what you make, make sure to mark it as homebrew.”

Download the Generator after the jump: https://www.legionimpact.com/blog/2018/11/28/character-generator

Never Tell Me the Odds: Rebel Commandos – Saboteurs

This is part two of the Rebel Commandos article series.  This article focuses on Proton Charge Saboteurs; the sniper article can be found here: Rebel Commandos – Sniper

The format of this article will be a little different, since the full squad and strike team play differently but share the same weapon upgrade.  First we’ll hit some high level pros and cons common to both versions of Commando saboteurs, then we’ll look at the proton charge stats.  Lastly, we’ll look at the differences between the full squad and strike team, and some tactics.

Note: Endless at Yavinbase also has a great article on Commandos generally, which you can find here: Databank – Rebel Commandos

Also, I want to credit Rick Stegich for many of these tips.  Rick is a solid saboteur player who earned an Adepticon invite at the Michigan GT with a triple saboteur list.


  • Can get in cover more easily
  • Courage 2 means usually getting both actions
  • Proton charges are excellent for area denial
  • You get to blow stuff up (usually)


  • Fragile for cost
  • Spec ops slot reduces activation control
  • Saboteurs are defensive units; a high bid and turn 0 are very important
  • Need to be run in twos or threes to be effective

Lets get to the blowing stuff up bit.

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The New Ways to Motivate Them blog launches

There’s a new blog in town geared towards the Imperial player. The blog is by Grananana who recently went to the finals in the Table Top Simulator Invader League.

His first two blog post is up:

Invader League Elimination Round Battle Report – Part 1

Invader League Season 2- Reviewing the List Which Took Me to the Finals

Kickerstarter: Metro Morph: Ready-To-Play Modular Card Wargaming Terrain

Metro Morph is a modular building terrain system for 28–32mm tabletop miniature games.

It is an affordable way to quickly and easily fill gaming tables with terrain that is visually striking, strong, and versatile. You don’t need to cut, glue, or paint anything — just open the pack, create the unique structures you want, and start playing within minutes! When you’ve finished your game, Metro Morph can be packed away flat, ready to be reassembled in a totally new configuration for your next game.

Metro Morph gives you the ability to fill a whole table with awesome terrain
Metro Morph gives you the ability to fill a whole table with awesome terrain

Whether you are playing a dungeon-crawler, skirmish battle, or full-blown war-game, the extreme modularity of Metro Morph will meet your needs. Create 2D floor plans, light, multi-storey terrain, or even fully enclosed, line-of-sight-blocking obstacles.

With Metro Morph the choice is yours!


Find out more about this awesome Kickstarter after the jump: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/242429396/metro-morph-ready-to-play-modular-card-wargaming-t/description?fbclid=IwAR1uNGjU1Kk-B53XD2r9x73BWJM2sHA8ypYrb2pt4rqdwuPOzy4AEexZFUE