Bothan Report: Making Endor – Part 1

“Bothan Report has a pretty rad tutorial on making and Endor table. This is part 1 of an on going series:

This weeks Bothan Report is a departure from my usual ” unit focused” videos/articles and will be instead focusing on some of the modeling aspect of the Star Wars Legion hobby. I have decided that my first project of the new year is going to be a new game board to play on. The friends that I play with already know that I prefer small table size matches ( time and space considerations make it ideal for me) so my Endor table will be a 3′ X 3′ table and of course heavily focused on forest terrain.

This will be part 1 in the series detailing how I am making the game table in stages. The articles by no mean reflect a definitive starting point or your own table as I am sure by the end everything will come together nicely.

I am starting my table project with the part that I viewed as the most challenging…the giant Endor trees. You know, the ones that no one ever saw anything but the trunks of.

Lets tackle this in steps.”

Find out what these steps are after the jump:

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