Impact X: Mission Objectives

Star Wars: Legion is an objective based game. It does not matter how much of your force has been destroyed or how much of the enemy force you have destroyed; when the game comes to an end if you have one figure left and more objective points then your opponent, you win! For that reason understanding Mission Objectives is possibly the most important skill in SW:L.

In a competitive game you and your opponent both bring a deck of 12 mission parameters (4x of each: Objectives, Conditions, and Deployment) and will play a mini game to determine which mission is being played (often reffered to as turn 0). The player who’s list is the lowest points gets to chose if they are the red player or the blue player, and then the blue players scenario deck is used. Because there are more than 4 of each parameter there are some strategies when choosing which to include in your deck, and also when choosing which to keep and which to eliminate during the mini game to determine the actual mission played. Keep in mind that your individual play style and list composition will determine which mission parameters will favor you most.

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