The War Is Just Beginning


Star Wars™: Legion and its Organized Play program are many things to many people.

The game is your gateway into the Star Wars galaxy. It allows you to enjoy ferocious battles between miniature troopers, Force users, and towering combat vehicles—all taking place while blaster fire rips through the air in all directions. It’s a hobby and an outlet for your creative talents. Our Twitter feed is full of your fantastic paint work and customizations. It’s a game that invites you to explore both tactics and narratives. And it’s a game that can be played competitively.

If you are looking to test your wits and firepower against the best opponents you can find, Star Wars: Legion Organized Play offers a range of tournament experiences. Your local game store can host any of its seasonal Ground Assault events as a single day tournament. Select retailers will soon be able to host the game’s prestigious Rallypoint Qualifiers; we’ll have more information about these soon. And then you have the top-level Maximum Firepower events hosted at conventions and similar events.

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