The 2018 Season Three Operations are now available for download!

Jump into the Star Wars galaxy’s greatest infantry battles and immerse yourself in the miniatures wargaming hobby with Star Wars™: Legion Organized Play!

With its detailed miniatures, easy-to-learn rules, and highly tactical gameplay, Legion makes it easy for you to wage thrilling ground combat in any Star Wars setting you can imagine. Endless, shifting deserts. Snow-covered ice planets. Swamps. Grassy plains. Forested moons. Secret Imperial military installations. The crumbling remains of ruined cities where Rebel forces plot their latest insurrection.

Organized Play adds to your experience of the game by helping you find other players and new places to play. You can meet with friends for group painting sessions, experiment with new armies, enjoy campaign play, rally your Rebel friends against a team of Imperials, and band together with your fellow Imperials to crush the Rebellion. You can even take a shot at exclusive rewards while quenching your thirst for competition.

Read the rest of the article after the jump: [ Star Wars™: Legion Organized Play ]

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