Impact X: Star Wars Legion Community Building

Lj Peño has recently joined Nick Freeman’s blog Impact X. Here is Nick’s announcement:

“some exciting news over at Impact X. Lj Peña is going to be teaming up with Impact X to write articles on community building and event organization since he has been doing such a phenomenal job with both LVO and the Invader League…. and you can start reading those now!

I am also going to be adding a new section called Corner Case where we will cover specific scenarios and how the rules interact and how you can use that to your advantage (or see them coming to avoid them). This will be open to suggestion too if there are specific situations you want to see covered in more depth.

Let LJ and I know how you like the article and what you would like to see next so we can continue to grow this awesome community together.”

You can read Lj’s first blog post on Community Building after the jump:

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