AdeptiCon 2019 Legion Maximum Fire Power Qualifier Registration Now Open! …and already sold out!!


AdeptiCon 2019 sold out almost instantly. But don’t fret. You can still sign up for the waiting list. No biggy

Below is the event’s description:

Day: Friday | Start Time: 9:00 AM | End Time: 10:00 PM | Game System: Star Wars: Legion | Event Type: Tournament | Age Requirements: Everyone (6+) | Experience Required: Some | Location: Exploration Hall | Total Capacity: 64 | Remaining Capacity: 0

The AdeptiCon Maximum Firepower Qualifier is the absolute last chance for players to earn an invitation to the vaunted High Command Invitational at AdeptiCon on Saturday, March 27th. This preliminary event will qualify the top eight finishers at a minimum, but we may qualify more depending on available slots for the Invitational. So play like the fate of the galaxy is at stake.

And your epic Legion journey may not end there as the top eight players from the High Command Invitational will advance to the invite-only and highly prestigious Star Wars: Legion World Championships later in the year!

This event will utilize the Star Wars: Legion Rules found on the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Legion Support page.

Full rules packet will be available by January 1st, 2019, but the following rules will be in effect:

  • Armies must consist of 800 points or less.
  • Players will play four 120 minute Swiss-paired rounds.
  • Top 8 will qualify for the High Command Invitational.
  • All players are expected to abide by the AdeptiCon Conduct Policy.
  • The models used in your army must comply with the AdeptiCon Model Policy (all models MUST be WYSIWYG and standard 3-colors paint rule).

For more information on the High Command Invitational, see event entry. A minimum of eight players will advance to this invite-only event.

Qualification Event: The top players in a Qualification Event will move on to play additional games in a finals event, usually on the following day. Players qualifying for finals events are eligible to have any conflicting events refunded onsite.

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