Impact X launches a Patreon

Nick Freeman of Impact X posted the following on Facebook this morning: “I have been debating doing a patreon for Impact X for a while now. I really don’t want to give the impression that I am doing this for income or to exploit the community because that is not my goal – however I have reached a point where I am limited in the things I want to do in the community and the things I can do by cost and time – so now seemed like the best time to launch one.

all content on Impact X will always be free to everyone and the contributions on this patreon will go directly into creating that content, as well as some small tokens of gratitude in the form of alt art cards, involvement and recognition within Impact X content, and hopefully acrylic tokens. In addition I will be creating some smaller bonus articles for the patreon community. these articles could be discussing a list you submit, breakdowns of specific situations and rules interactions, etc but will be more personal and specific to the patreon community – the bulk of content will remain free and accessible to everyone.

the first goal of this patreon is to create alt art cards to replace the errata’d Rapid Reinforcements and Key Positions in time to use at LVO as well as to create more video battle report content.

thanks for taking the time to read this and for your support. and if you chose not to support monetarily or are unable to, I hope you will still join us in growing this community around this great game.”

Check out their patreon after the jump:

Check out the blog at:

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