Las Vegas Open’s Prizes and Giveaway list, So Far…

The Las Vegas Open (LVO) Star Wars Legion Tournament is notoriously shaping up to be the Legion event since its inception. With a prize and giveaway list that makes it worth the trip alone and the event not to be missed.

Lj Peña, who has been pouring it heart, sweat, and soul into making this such an incredible event, posted a list of the current prizes and giveaways online earlier this week:

1st Place: $100 Cash

2nd Place: $50 Cash

1st – 6th Place: MF Qualifier Spot, $50 Imperial Terrain Giftcard, Finalist Trophy

1st – 12th Place: Legion Discord T-Shirt

Best Painted Army: Trophy, Brush set

Every player: 20 piece order token set, order token bag, 3 objective tokens (all custom), Re-Printed KP and RR Cards, Event Lanyard

Giveaway: 6 War Sigil Mats, Custom Samurai Luke, Vader, Alternative Gaming Minis Vader, Holo Tables (with extra pictures to swap out), random terrain.

Note that prizes may change – but that is what we are tracking at this time. Thanks for all your support!

I’m hoping to get photos of the all the above soon to share. Stay tuned!

Independently from Lj Peña, the Impact X blog’s Nick Freeman will also giving each attendee a set of the errata’d Battle Cards.

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