Impact X: Corner Case – Scoping


Scoping is the tactic of placing terrain between the attacking unit and the defending unit so that you can single out models in a unit to wound- scoping is a key tactic if you use high value low output units or you are up against an opponent who has high value models within a unit. Knowing how to scope or how to avoid it can often be the deciding factor in winning the sniper war.

The premise is pretty easy, but the actual execution requires foresight, precision, and appropriate terrain. The core of scoping is to reduce targets eligible to be allocated wounds so that you can deal wounds to the optimal model.

Relevant Rules:

version 1.2.0

Attack: Declare Defender: The attacking player chooses one enemy unit to attack; this enemy unit is now the defender. Then, the attacking player measures the range from the attacker’s unit leader to the closest miniature of the defender to determine the attack’s range.

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