Never Tell Me The Odds Blog: Han Solo


General Solo, is your strike team assembled?

Everyone’s favorite scruffy looking nerf-herder, Han Solo is a disruptive and versatile commander.  He tears up trooper units at range 2 and has some excellent command cards, but he is weak in melee and extremely vulnerable to pierce weapons.

Welcome to our deep dive for Han Solo.  Han is all about his command cards, so this article is going to be a little lighter on stats than the typical deep dive.  We’ll also hit some list ideas at the end.


  • Powerful and disruptive command cards
  • Strong pistol attack with gunslinger
  • Good save (for a Rebel unit)


  • Vulnerable to Pierce
  • Command cards are very timing dependent
  • Weak in melee


Before we get into Han’s stats, lets talk briefly about Chewie.  Chewie helps mitigate some of Han’s primary weaknesses; he can soak pierce hits for him (especially sniper hits) and peel stuff off in melee with his 4-5 red dice.  Chewie also lets Han recycle a command card with Notorious Scoundrels and share dodges/aims.  Chewie is expensive, though, for what he does.  We’ll talk about using Han with Chewie in a separate section, below.  Don’t worry; Chewie will get his own article eventually.

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