Tosche Station Launches New Site and Reveals Release Schedule

Releasing in February 8, 2019:   The pilgrim city of Jedha!   Battle it out in the most authentic version of Tythoni Square that you’ll find off-screen –  It’ll all come to life with our inspired-by-Jedha buildings and terrain.   Be sure to come back then for the complete release of buildings, accessories, STL files, and image gallery!

Featuring 15 structures, multi-level buildings and archways that tower over each and every street, screen accurate details ripped from your favorite scenes all built with practical SW Legion gameplay in mind.   Removable roofs and floors allow for easy, interior access.   Buildings that tower well beyond Height One…Boba Fett and Air Speeders — time to live that dream.  Sniper perches and ambush alleys…wide open avenues of approach and CQC environments a-plenty.   Wookie Warriors lurking on the 2nd floor?  You just might want to bring a TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank to a knife fight.  

While the over-all design is reflective of Tythoni Square, you’ll find that each of our buildings is designed

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