AdeptiCon – Due Date Nearing

A message from Adeptican:


Last Chance Qualifier lists are due no later than Tuesday, the 19th of March at 2359 EST. Please ensure that you have uploaded a legal list with all required battle card and command hand information on TTO.

To upload, log into to TTO and navigate to our event page. Simply select the “lists” option (next to ladder, rounds, stats) and select the text option. You can either type out your list, or submit a link to a list builder.

Thank you for completing this step, and allowing the judges to thoroughly list check and help you save time on the day. Please remember that players that fail to do this on time will start the event with a foul, and players that do not complete this by the 28th will be dropped.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the end of the month! Good luck as you begin your final tournament preparation.

-AdeptiCon Legion Team

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