Imperial Discipline Blog: Meta 101 – Looking Back (and Ahead) After One Year


Last summer, I wrote articles that went over the early Legion meta (Rebel 101 and Imperial 101) in detail. But it’s been many jam-packed months since, we are just a few days past the one-year anniversary of Legion! In that time, we’ve gotten a ton of new units and keywords to play with.

So if you’re just joining the game, looking to get back in after a hiatus, or hoping to try out something new, what armies are out there and doing well? What has changed, and what has stayed the same?

I’ve used a mixture of personal experience, community feedback, and competitive data (thanks Orkimedes!) to flesh out a few different sections in this article: first, an update for those returning from a hiatus, second, a collection of meta (or just off-meta) lists for each faction, and third, a look into the future of Legion armies.

Let’s get started.

Read after the jump:

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