Yavin Base Blog: Ground Sliding, Part 1

The X-34 Landspeeder: Iconic, regconizeable, expensive. Luke’s ride from A New Hope makes its appearance in Legion as a space jeep with guns bolted on. 

When the Landspeeder was released, I was highly skeptical. As I mentioned in the first article I wrote about the X-34, Rebel players as a whole had been burned by the inefficient and ineffective T-47 in the Heavy role. I vowed to remain a skeptic until I had seen it in action on the table. I can happily say that, after playing five or so games with the X-34, I have warmed to it quickly and find it to be the most fun unit the Rebel faction can currently field. This multi-part series, “Ground Sliding,” is meant as a tutorial and an encouragement to try out this very fun and unique unit in your Rebel lists. In this first part, we’ll discuss why you might include a Landspeeder in your army, and how functional the craft is at its spiciest feature: transporting!

What does the Landspeeder have to offer if I include it in my list?

  1. It’s fast! The X-34 Landspeeder is mounted on a large base (the same kind as the AT-ST or T-47) and has a compulsory move at Speed 2. You can treat it like a giant speeder bike, using its speed to find angles to take shots on enemy units out of cover. This compulsory move is a blessing and a curse – while providing the Landspeeder with some much needed action economy, it can sometimes propel the Landspeeder into areas it doesn’t wish to fly, or push it past a target for its Fixed: Front weaponry. The compulsory move and the large base size allow you to rapidly shift to new objectives with the X-34, adapting quickly to an evolving battle.

Continue reading after the jump: https://yavinbase.blog/ground-sliding-part-1/

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