Preview the Republic Forces in the Clone Wars Core Set for Star Wars: Legion

“Hello there.”
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

The Separatist Alliance’s massive droid military menaces countless star systems, threatening to dissolve a republic that has stood for a thousand years. Now, the Galactic Republic puts its faith in an army of clone soldiers in a desperate bid to preserve democracy throughout the galaxy.

Leading these untested clones into battle are none other than the Republic’s noble Jedi Knights. Once the guardians of peace and justice, the Jedi are now called into an all-out war for survival. Fighting side-by-side, Jedi and Clone Troopers are a formidable force. But the Separatists command innumerable battle droids, ready to crush all who stand in their way. Soon, you’ll be able to play out the battles of this pivotal period of the Star Wars saga with the Clone Wars Core Set for Star Wars™: Legion. 

If you choose to take up the cause of the Galactic Republic, this Core Set provides fourteen Phase I Clone Trooper miniatures—enough for two corps units—to form the foundation of your armies, as well as a BARC Speeder miniature that adds some much needed versatility and mobility to your Republic forces. Finally, leading this grand army into battle is legendary Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, who threatens enemy forces with his lightsaber and unconventional battle tactics alike.

Join us today as we take a glimpse of the Republic forces included in the Clone Wars Core Set for Star Wars: Legion!

Civilized Warrior

From his duel with Darth Maul to mentoring a young Anakin Skywalker in the ways of the Force, Obi-Wan Kenobi had distinguished himself from his Jedi brethren long before the onset of the Clone Wars. With the Separatist threat looming, however, Kenobi is ready to take on his most crucial role yet.

Like most Jedi, Kenobi wades into battle with his lightsaber at the ready. But where others use their lightsabers to quickly cut through swarms of Separatist battle droids, Kenobi instead chooses to put up a nearly impenetrable defense. In addition to easily deflecting any blasters bolts that come his way, Kenobi uses his mastery of the Soresu form of lightsaber combat to protect those under his command, going so far as to redirect attacks made against them.

Even though he may specialize in defensive techniques, that does not mean that Obi-Wan Kenobi is not a formidable warrior in his own right. He can still use the Force to reach great heights, making all but the tallest obstacles minor impediments on his way to a target. Once he’s spotted a target, Kenobi shows little reluctance to charge directly at them and begin the attack and—if it comes to a duel—his precise strikes deal as much critical damage as possible.

Beyond his skills as a warrior, Kenobi is also a leader to the clone troopers under his command. As a commander, he holds great influence over your army, of course, and has plenty of ways to impact the tactics you employ in battle. He can, for example, use his mastery of the Force to guide the troops under his command. By doing so, he grants up to two friendly units a surge token, which they can spend to convert an attack surge to a hit or a defense surge to a block.

For an even greater impact on your battle plan, though, Obi-Wan Kenobi turns to his command cards, which augment his own abilities and extend the benefits to his entire army. Kenobi is already a defensively-minded commander, for example, but he becomes nearly impossible to hit when he embraces the Jedi philosophy of Knowledge and Defense. This ability only becomes stronger the more troops he’s fighting alongside, and he can use it to come to their aid in close quarters combat.

Conversely, Kenobi retains his confidence even when he’s surrounded by enemies. With a simple Hello There to make the opposing army aware of his presence, he can easily become a one-man army, effective at attacking and defending in equal measure. Finally, as a Jedi General, Kenobi has legions of clone soldiers under his command, and—if they’re grouped close enough together—he he can order a decisive offensive strike or a desperate last stand that could swing the outcome of a battle.

For the Republic

Despite their great power, the Jedi alone are not enough to stand against a fully functional droid army. As a result, clone troopers form the bulk of the Republic’s forces and what they lack in sheer numbers, they make up for with pure combat skill. Born for battle, Phase I Clone Troopers are some of the most elite corps available to any faction and they are unafraid to do whatever it takes to protect the Republic.

In the face of overwhelming waves of Separatist battle droids, units of Phase I Clone Troopers often share targets in an effort to wipe out as many droids as they can in a single attack. While a standard unit of four Phase I Clone Troopers and their DC-15A blaster rifles is enough to add a significant amount of fire support to any attack, adding more specialized clone troopers to a unit can make these strikes even deadlier.

Adding another Phase I Clone Trooper, to the unit, for example, is a simple and effective way to increase a unit’s volume of fire. But you can also add heavy weapons experts to your squad for a wider variety of attacks. A  Z-6 Phase I Trooper,   can increase a unit’s rate of fire to its highest levels, laying down enough blaster fire to eliminate an opposing unit all on its own. A DC-15 Phase I Trooper, on the other hand, favors accurate and powerful attacks from long range, all but ensuring they’ll deal some damage. No matter what weapons a unit of Phase I Clone Troopers carries into battle, they have the tools to push back the swarms of battle droids the Separatists will inevitably send at them.

The unit of Phase I Clone Troopers on the right has a faceup order token, so they can use their Fire Support ability to add their weapons to the attack pool—including the Z-6 Phase I Trooper!

Meanwhile, Phase I Clone Troopers can contribute to their army beyond simply being boots on the ground. A Phase I Clone Trooper at the controls of a BARC Speeder provides valuable support to their fellow troopers and gives their Jedi commanders even more tactical flexibility. A BARC Speeder’s powerful repulsorlift engines push these swift speeders rapidly across the battlefield, helping Republic forces gain the upper hand and press the attack early on.

But a BARC Speeder can provide an army with much more than speed. When outfitted with a sidecar, a gunner can combine the fire from a variety of heavy weaponry with the driver’s Twin Light Blaster Cannons, quickly turning the BARC into a versatile mobile weapons platform. Adding another  Twin Laser Gunner, for example, not only boosts the BARC Speeder’s firepower, it also increases its versatility by allowing the gunner to attack targets both in front and behind them. Similarly, an Ion Gunner can be extremely effective against the multitudes of droids that Clone Troopers are accustomed to seeing on the battlefield. If they come up against heavily-armored vehicles, however, an RPS-6 Gunner brings all the firepower needed to punch through a vehicle’s heavy armor.

Gain the High Ground

The Galactic Republic has never faced a threat like the Separatist Alliance. Can you assemble a force strong enough to stop the droid armies and preserve peace across the galaxy?

Assemble your own Grand Army of the Republic and experience the Clone Wars. The Star Wars: Legion Clone Wars Core Set (SWL44) is set to be released in the third quarter of 2019. Head to your local retailer to pre-order your copy today, or pre-order your copy through our website with free shipping in the continental U.S. here!

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