Announcing Four Upgrade Expansions for Star Wars: Legion

“Stormtroopers? Here? We’re in danger!”
   —C-3PO, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

From the iconic E-11 blaster rifle carried by Imperial Stormtroopers to the E-5 blaster rifles wielded by the Separatist Alliance’s legions of battle droids, each Star Wars™: Legion faction has its own signature weapons they bring to the ground battles of the Star Wars galaxy. But select troopers also bring a range of other weapons and skills to their squads and soon you’ll have more options than ever to move your corps units beyond standard issue.

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce four Upgrade Expansions for Star Wars: Legion:

Featuring newly-sculpted miniatures that can be used interchangeably with those found in previous Star Wars: Legion releases, these expansions give you even more power to customize the look of your armies. Meanwhile, additional personnel and heavy weapons upgrades unlock even more tactical flexibility in your corps units, inviting you to outfit them with new gear for maximum effectiveness. Read on for more information about these Upgrade Expansions!

Imperial Stormtroopers Upgrade Expansion

A ubiquitous sight across the galaxy, white-armored stormtroopers strike fear into the hearts of all those who would oppose the Empire. Though their uniform armor and rigid tactics emphasize the crushing weight of Imperial might, Stormtroopers can be surprisingly flexible units that serve a multitude of roles in Imperial strike forces.

A DLT-19 Stormtrooper from the Star Wars: Legion Core Set or the Stormtroopers Unit Expansion, for example, can blast enemies—even those with armor—from beyond the range of a standard E-11 blaster rifle. Similarly, an  RT-97C Stormtrooper found in the Imperial Stormtroopers Upgrade Expansion can maintain these long range shots while also producing a higher rate of fire.

Within this expansion, you’ll find four unpainted, uniquely sculpted soft plastic Imperial Stormtrooper miniatures to enhance your existing Stormtrooper units. Joining a Stormtrooper Captain are a Stormtrooper Specialist as well as a T-21 Stormtrooper and an RT-97C Stormtrooper that can both be constructed with their heavy weapons or the standard E-11 blaster rifle. These miniatures are accompanied by seven upgrade cards that allow you to incorporate them into your existing Stormtrooper units as well as a unit card inviting you to create a completely new unit.

We’ll take a look at everything found in the Imperial Stormtroopers Upgrade Expansion in a future preview!

Rebel Troopers Upgrade Expansion

The Rebellion is made up of beings from countless worlds, all standing united in opposition to the tyranny of the Empire. No matter what world they hail from, every Rebel trooper dedicates their life to fighting on the front lines for the cause of the Rebellion. Now, you can add even more diversity to your Rebel ranks with the new miniatures and upgrades found in the Rebel Troopers Upgrade Expansion.

This expansion gives you everything you need to enhance both the look of your Rebel Troopers units and how they operate in battle. In addition to new Rebel Trooper miniatures representing aliens from across the Star Wars galaxy, you’ll also find new personnel and heavy weapons upgrades to add to your armies, such as a DLT-20A Trooper that can deal critical damage from long range.

In total, you’ll find four finely detailed, unpainted new soft plastic Rebel Trooper miniatures in this expansion, including an Ishi Tib Rebel Trooper Captain, a Gran Rebel Trooper Specialist, an Ithorian SX-21 Trooper, and a Theelin DLT-20A Trooper. A unit card gives you the option of mustering a new unit using these miniatures, while seven upgrade cards invite you to customize any unit of Rebel Troopers.

We’ll take a full look at everything included in the Rebel Troopers Upgrade Expansion in a future preview!

B1 Battle Droids Upgrade Expansion

The Separatist Alliance’s B1 Battle Droids are manufactured to attack in massive numbers and wear down enemy forces through raw attrition alone. But that does not mean they don’t have other purposes to serve as the Separatists seek to overthrow the Galactic Republic. Other series of battle droids perform a variety of tasks for the Separatist military and a select few droids are outfitted with different weapons that give them unique capabilities.

While B1 Battle Droids are most commonly seen assaulting enemy positions in the thick of battle, they can serve functions outside of all-out combat. Once a planet has been conquered, for example, B1 Security Droids  are needed to keep the peace and quash all resistance. As a result, they remove their fellow battle droids’ compulsion to instantly attack any target that may present itself.

The B1 Battle Droids Upgrade Expansion helps you enhance your existing B1 Battle Droid units with new miniatures and cards. Four new unpainted, hard plastic B1 Battle Droid miniatures, including an OOM-Series Battle Droid, a B1 Security Droid, a Radiation Cannon B1 Trooper, and an E-5s B1 Trooper arrive on frames to offer new options for your Separatist forces. Meanwhile, a unit card helps you muster these miniatures and your existing B1 Battle Droids into a cohesive unit while seven upgrade cards invite you to seamlessly incorporate them into this or any of your other B1 Battle Droid units.

We’ll take a closer look at all the ways you can enhance your B1 Battle Droids in a future preview!

Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion

The Galactic Republic’s Phase I Clone Troopers are always armed with state-of-the-art equipment. For most clone troopers, this means carrying the powerful and versatile DC-15A blaster rifle, but a select few Phase I Troopers are trained in the use of even more weapons, ensuring the Grand Army of the Republic is prepared for any situation.

While weapons like the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon give units of Phase I Clone Troopers plenty of anti-personnel fire to handle waves of Separatist battle droids, these units can also choose to bring along anRPS-6 Phase I Trooper  instead, giving them a powerful option against armored units like B2 Super Battle Droids or an AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank.

The Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion puts powerful new options such as this at your fingertips, including seven upgrade cards offering additional personnel, heavy weapons, training, grenades, and equipment. These upgrades are brought to life by four unpainted, finely detailed soft plastic Phase I Clone Trooper miniatures, including a Phase I Clone Captain, a Phase I Clone Specialist, a DP-23 Phase I Trooper, and an RPS-6 Phase I Trooper, all of which feature multiple customization options.

We’ll take a glimpse inside this expansion—including all of its upgrade cards—in a future preview!

A New Generation of Trooper

The best troops in the Star Wars galaxy are only as effective as their gear and training. When the tried and true methods aren’t enough to secure victory, it’s time to enhance your units and unlock new strategies!

Look for these Upgrade Expansions at your local retailer in the fourth quarter of 2019. Pre-order your copies at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental United States here!

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