What We Learned From the FFG Live Ask Me Anything

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I did a quick write-up of things I found interesting during today’s FFG Live: Ask Me Anything with Alex and Luke:

-The Clone Wars Core Set will release worldwide on Oct 18th
-The Card Packs will release on Oct. 18th
-No release date for Dewbacks but will release ASAP
-More Competitive Battle Cards will be added to the game “Sooner than later”
-We may eventually get custom commanders
-We will see more cross faction units
-We will most likely see Commander Coby and all “popular characters” added to the game; at least that’s the goal
-Phase 1 Clone Troopers feature the furthest they could push PVC plastic. Phase 2 Clone Troopers will be hard plastic, but will not be as customizable as the Phase 1s, but as Legion continues to grow with hard plastic there will be some “really cool figures in the near future” and you’ll be able to “customize them in a lot of cool ways”
-They are moving away from 1 for 1 releases and moving towards more thematic releases, e.i. themes build on movies, TV shows, certain battles, locations, different media, fridge elements that don’t fit anywhere else
-They will consider all possible factions including Scum and Villainy. They hinted that The Mandalorian could help flesh that faction out
-Subfactions are still on the table, but it sounds like the game needs to grow more to warrant them
-Clone and CIS operatives and special forces are on their way and will drop close to, if not at, the same time
-They are open to eventually creating a campaign but for now encourage the fan community to create campaigns
-They are developing a sliding size scale for being able to bring larger vehicles into the game. Once a miniature reaches 10m in length it begins to need to be scaled down
-Units expected to release before Christmas: Clone Wars Core Set, Battle Droids, Phase 1 Clone Troopers, Card Packs, Operative Vader, Operative Luke, Crashed Escape Pod with R2-D2 and C-3PO, The Imperial Bunker, the four Trooper Upgrade Expansions
-The Trooper Upgrade Expansions will mark the end of the PVC plastic
-R2-D2 and C-3PO are hard plastic
-Waves will move from six to eight releases
-Notable big name characters that have yet to make it into the game like Lando will arrive sooner than later
-Exciting things to come for Command Card manipulation
-More inexpensive operatives like R2-D2 and C-3PO to come
-They have releases planned out for a few years, but they have barely scratched the surface with what is possible in Star Wars Legion

You can watch the whole stream after the jump: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/488868815

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