Canonical Arc Troopers

I’ve been really struggling to find enough canonical arc troopers to fill my Republic ranks. After a long day of research here’s what I’ve found:

(Note: the Arc Trooper expansion comes with two types of helmets, Phase 1.5 and Phase 2.)

Fives and Echo are the two names arc’s that come with the set. Canonically Echo never wore the Phase 2 helmet only the Phase 1.5. Fives had both.

Jesse is another named arc from the 501st. He is bald headed so the extra helmetless head could be used for a helmetless Jesse. Also he only ever used the Phase 2 helmet.

There are four Arc Troopers featured on Clone Wars: Colt, Havoc, Blitz, and Hammer (sometimes called unidentified arc trooper). Hammer uses a DC-15 so he could be used as your DC-15 trooper.

I believe all three died before the Phase 2 helmet began being used.

Here’s the tricky part. Correct me if I’m wrong but those are the only canonical arc troopers featured on the show if you negate the clone commanders and Rex. Luckily Battlefront II recently released some generic arc troopers that work perfectly to help fill your ranks:

You have the regular arc skin which is how FFG painted their generic arcs. You also have Lambert Seeker, Cobalt Hero, & and Umbra Operative.

Just do some Google image searches using the names of listed for more details and you’ll be well on your way to building canonical arc trooper units!

(Second Note: I believe Fives is the only arc trooper ever shown using a jet pack. Please let me know if this is not correct).


  1. I know this is old but Rex technically is an ARC as well as Bly, and that’s confirmed as canon. Otherwise I’m not sure about the other commanders.



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