Atomic Mass Games Launches Into the Galaxy of Star Wars Miniatures

Yesterday’s announcement that Atomic Mass Games (AMG) will be taking responsibility for the continued development of Star Wars: X-Wing, Star Wars: Armada, and Star Wars: Legion represents an exciting development for miniatures games in a galaxy far, far away.

 We spoke with Atomic Mass’ Simone Elliott (Head of Studio) and Will Shick (Head of Product Development) to gain more information on what fans can expect in the future and for more background on the factors leading to this reorganization.

Let’s start with the most obvious question. Fantasy Flight has launched and maintained three incredibly successful Star Wars miniatures games. Why the move to Atomic Mass?

 Simone: In a word, specialization. Moving to AMG gives us the perfect opportunity to develop our miniatures games in a studio devoted entirely to miniatures, rather than board and card tabletop games. It’s a place where these specific types of games can truly thrive.

 Will: And that devotion Simone mentions, our singular focus on hobby miniatures, is fueled by our team’s lifelong passion for creating great games. Combining that passion with the incredibly solid foundation laid by the team at Fantasy Flight is basically like bringing balance to the Force. We have the tools and we have the talent to build on that foundation and take these miniatures games even further.

 Does this mean we should expect changes to X-Wing, Legion, and Armada?

Will: One of Atomic Mass’ core philosophies is that there is no finish line. We see ourselves on a lifelong journey of learning and improvement. That’s a pretentious way of saying yes (laughs).

 If we’re doing the job right, and staying true to our ethos as a studio, changes will most certainly happen. But those changes will always be in service of making great games even better. I should also point out that any change process will always be measured and highly considerate. These games have solid fan bases made up of people who have invested their hard-earned money, and more importantly, their time and creativity, into creating armies, squadrons, and fleets that are unique reflections of who they are.

We’re a studio made up of people who love and engage in the hobby daily. We deeply understand that kind of investment on a personal level, and we’re committed to honoring and valuing it in everything we do.

 Does that include new Star Wars miniatures games? Can we expect to see any additional titles?

Simone: While we’re hyper-focused on our current games, we’re always thinking of new ones, too. Will and I have talked a lot about how we can create cool new Star Wars miniatures games that will excite fans and immerse them in the stories they love so much.

Will: The galaxy far, far away is a really big place with a lot to explore. It doesn’t take Emperor Palpatine’s Force abilities to foresee that this is just the beginning for Star Wars miniatures games

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