Preview the Republic Specialists Personnel Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

“Come on. When have I ever let you down?”
   –Clone Commander Cody, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

The Grand Army of the Republic is a massive organization consisting of countless troops, vehicles, and all the equipment needed to support them in the field. More than just soldiers, countless clone specialists hold it all together, keeping it prepared to overcome whatever obstacles are thrown in its path. 

Whether they’re trained to lead their fellow clones into battle or repair vehicles on the fly, the impact of these specialists is felt far beyond their individual units. Soon, you’ll be able to make use of these clones’ special skills with the Republic Specialists Personnel Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

Within this expansion, you’ll find a generic Clone Commander who can lead an individual unit as a personnel upgrade or your entire army as a commander. Three new command cards that can be used by any Republic commander give this clone even more options for directing your forces in the thick of battle. Meanwhile, a Clone Medic, Clone Engineer, and Clone Comms Technician can add new dimensions to any unit with the Personnel slot.

Join us today as we take a closer look at the Republic Specialists Personnel Expansion!

On the Front Lines

Although the Jedi may be the highest-ranking members of the Grand Army of the Republic, it is the clones that most often carry out battle plans and complete the Republic’s objectives. With the ranks of Jedi perilously thin, Clone Commanders often have to step up and lead from the trenches.

Combining the skill at arms and genetic template all clones share with further specialized training and engineering, Clone Commanders are more than capable of leading entire regiments and can be trusted with the most vital missions and battlefronts. As the leader of an individual unit, a clone commander rallies units around his own, helping them shake off the effects of suppression. Better yet, Clone Commanders are invaluable for their ability to make units more reliable and generate surge tokens they can then share with their fellow clones.

Clone Commanders prove just as effective when they lead an entire army. In this capacity, they deftly direct their fellow clones on the battlefield with the ability to issue an order to a friendly corps clone trooper whether they are the nominated commander or not. Then, during their activation, they can further bolster up to two friendly units with surge tokens. Beyond their innate abilities, these commanders can continue to improve their armies with the addition of gear and commands. A  Portable Scanner,  for instance, is useful for any leader, but becomes even more vital if they display some  Vigilance  that allows up to two friendly trooper units at range 1–2 to keep a dodge token into the next round. 

But Clone Commanders don’t merely hang back and support the rest of their army. They share the combat training common to all clones, making them exceptional shots with their DC-15 blaster rifles and more than a match for most opponents in melee combat. Combined with the defense provided by their armor, these commanders readily wade into the thick of battle alongside their troops.

Beyond their personal skills, Clone Commanders have the weight of the Republic behind them and they know how to use it with three new command cards available exclusively to the Republic. Vehicles often play an important role in Republic strategy, and a Clone Commander can easily set up a Synchronized Offensive by mobilizing a vehicle and a friendly clone trooper unit that can provide some useful Fire Support.

If a Clone Commander has spotted some advancing enemy units, they can take more direct action by calling in some devastating Air Support. This attack can potentially put an enemy army on its heels early in a battle as its Beam slices through tight enemy formations, allowing the commander using it to target up to two additional enemy units. However, vehicles aren’t the only way for the Republic to mount an offensive. Clones are perhaps the best resource Republic commanders have to complete their objectives and when rallied to make an attack, few things can stand in their way.

No matter the mission, specialized clones are available to make sure the Grand Army finishes what it starts. When facing legions of Separatist battle droids, then, this starts with ensuring every last soldier stays in the fight and a Clone Medic does just that. Importantly, these medics share the fighting spirit and prowess of their commanders and continue to contribute to their unit’s attack pool even while they treat the wounded. The same goes for the Clone Engineers who keep the Republic’s vehicles in top shape.

None of these clone’s efforts would be worthwhile without proper communication, of course, which makes a Clone Comms Technician an essential piece of any army. They add the comms slot to their unit, making it even more versatile and potentially keeping it in contact with the rest of the army via an HQ Uplink.

More Than Copies

Every clone is trained to fight and give their life for the Republic. But not all clones have the training to keep the Grand Army of the Republic running like a well-oiled machine. Add even more variety to your armies when the Republic Specialists Personnel Expansion arrives on January 22!

The Republic Specialists Personnel Expansion (SWL75) is releasing alongside theSeparatist Specialists Personnel Expansion (SWL77) on January 22. Pick up your copies at your local retailer at that time.

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