Info gleamed from Atom Mass Games Transmission Live; Shadow Collective

3D printed and painted by Moses D Schmelter (@Winters86 on Instagram)

Reported by Seth Conrad on the Facebook page

Stream notes for todays Pyke painting
Might have missed some stuff but I think I got the key things. Vod link just in case.


Shadow collective June target

All test rules subject to change

Pyke only unit box shown, and 2 frames shown. Full card shown, same as ministravaganza but showed the faction box that was blacked out.

All factions can take the pykes. Cards will be previewed in the future to show who works for what faction

Not all mercs will work for everyone

Battle force rules are planned to be out before shadow collective. But still has some work to be done. Shadow collective will have a battle force.

New Maul will have new command cards and cans use all available Maul cards. The new maul must take dark saber to be a commander. Other wise he will be an OP

Current bounty hunters are changing to merc and will be able to work for other factions. Printed cards with changes planed for the bounty hunters. But wont work for all factions.

The pykes capo and black sun vigo both have a model in the box that can be used as an upgrade for a unit or as a solo commander like other factions.

Box will have 2 core units one for each. One special forces with the super commandos. And Op/commander Maul.
It will not contain measurement tools or dice. 22 total models

Heavy and support options for shadow collective in the future

Battle forces will change as needed for possible future releases. Print and play first with cards physical cards planned for after shadow collective

RRG will be updated when shadow collective comes out. Possible points update at that time, but unconfirmed.

Planned card pack 2 with the various generic upgrade cards to kit out the shadow collective. Will have new merc stuff in it

Update: Individual unit boxes will also be available for Shadow Collective

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  1. For a future faction suggestion! How about the Gungans? (Not really including Jar Jar… he’s the exception, not the rule.) There was a lot of variation in the Star Wars Battlegrounds game and I think they add a unique splash of diversity to the game. Maybe even an evil faction of them similar to the Wookiee that serve the federation? It’s just cool to imagine a Fambaa shield generator on the board. Some Naboo soldiers would be cool too! I hope this suggestion is ok!

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