New Ancient Ruins Store House from Imperial Terrain

Imperial Terrain’s newest model is this beautiful Ancient Ruins Store House which also comes with some bonus crates. This piece would work great on a Yavin V table.

Ancient Ruins Store House and Crates

Here’s their write up:

An expansion set for our Ancient Ruins line of wargaming terrain, the Store House was once a prominent structure for an ancient civilization. Time has definitely taken its toll, eroding over half the building but leaving strong stone ruins behind. The Store House could be used merely as ancient ruins that a battle is happening in or hobbied up to be a temporary control center.

A set of 7 unique crates and containers come as part of the set as well.

Store House Measurements: 13″ long x 9″ wide x 7.5″ Tall

Physical Model: $65.99 +shipping

STL File: $5.00

The Ancient Ruins Store House is also included in their “Ancient Ruins” STL bundle


Imperial Terrain’s 3d Printer Settings Guide

As you’re probably aware, you’re able to purchase Imperial Terrain’s STL files to print their awesome terrain on your very own 3D printer.

As you’re probably also aware of, 3D printing can be a real trial and error…with lots of errors. To levitate that with their terrain, Imperial Terrain has created a guide.

Check it out after the jump: The Imperials 3D Printer Settings