Impact X: AT-RT: Unit Analysis

AT-RT are clone wars era technology that has been refurbished and repurposed by the Rebellion to help them in their fights across the galaxy. They are well armored and can be outfitted with a variety of weapons making them durable and powerful war machines. The AT-RT is the rebellions first support unit and is common in a wide variety of Rebel lists.


Base Unit Summary: (80 pt unit comparison)

  • Damage Output – Ranged: Below Average: 0.75
  • Damage Consistancy – Ranged: Above Average: surge to crit
  • Damage Output – Melee: Below Average: 2.625
  • Damage Consistancy – Melee: Above Average: surge to crit, Impact 1
  • Damage Resistance: Above Average: 16.7% + Armor (72.5% against non-impact weapons)
  • Wounds: Average: 6
  • Threshold: Average: 75%
  • Range: Average: 1-3
  • Speed: Average: 2
  • Role: Tank, further roles can change with upgrades

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