The Legion Tournament Circuit’s page has been updated with images of tables from past tournaments.

They write, “We hope the images on this page will provide some inspiration for balancing the aesthetics and playability of your own tables. These are the tables that were used at either the Las Vegas Open or Adepticon tournaments, categorized by theme. If you have a table you would like to submit, please email us at [email protected].”

Here’s some of the tables pictured:

Check the rest of them out after the jump:

Peña Launches the Legion Tournament Circuit

LJ Peña posted on Discord earlier today:

“Hello there! I am excited to formally announce the Legion Tournament Circuit ( The goal of the Legion Tournament Circuit is to create a standardized approach to running Star Wars: Legion tournaments to ensure a professional standard of Organized Play events. Players can use our free resources to enhance your Legion tournaments. The LTC provides best practices, terrain guides, and other useful tools to run Star Wars: Legion tournaments and events. You will eventually be able to submit their local communities as well, so players struggling to find a LGS or just looking for somewhere to play on a business trip can connect. Thanks in advance to anyone that is able to use our resources, and I look forward to what comes next with this awesome community we have!

-LTC Admin Crew” Continue reading →