Impact X: Imperial List Building & Theory

General strategy and list building for the forces of the Galactic Empire. This article is intended as an entry point to critical thinking about list building for Imperials and is not hard and fast rules. You are encouraged to build and play your own lists in your own way. 

Core Philosophy  

The armies of the Empire are numerous and varied, they can play in many different ways towards many different ends – but they are all built out of the same blocks and on the same principles.

  • quality over quantity
  • consistency and predictability
  • durability and staying power
  • independent and autonomous

Quality: Imperial units cost more than their counterparts, which means that you get less of them and also that each unit has to be responsible for doing more work over the course of each game. In general Imperial units benefit from longer ranges, better armor, and more consistency for their premium price.

Consistency: Imperial units don’t necessarily do more damage than their counterparts, in fact their maximum potential is often less, however their numbers are consistent and reliable. A DLT-19 for example is almost always going to result in 2 hits while a Z-6 will statistically average 2 hits but in reality it swings wildly from 0 to 6. Imperials also have longer range and more access to aim tokens, generally allowing them easier mitigation of their below average rolls when they happen.

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