Impact X: Rebel Recruitment

General tactics and list building for the Rebel Alliance. This article is intended as an entry point to critical thinking about list building for Rebels and is not hard and fast rules. You are encouraged to build and play your own lists in your own way. 

Core Philosophy  

The forces of the Rebellion are as numerous and varied as the planets they fight for. They can play in many different ways towards many different ends – but they are all built out of the same blocks and on the same principles.

  • quantity
  • spiky
  • adaptability
  • synergy

Quantity: “Make ten men feel like one hundred” – The forces of the rebellion are often rag tag operations built out of anyone who will volunteer – the good news is that there are a lot of volunteers. Rebel units tend to be quite affordable, and because of this you can get a lot of chaff to front load your turn with, saving your important units until later in the round when the opponent is unlikely to have any activations left to retaliate against your key units.

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