Impact X: Han Solo – Unconventional General

Han Solo is a reluctant and unconventional hero. But maybe that is exactly what makes him so successful. In Star Wars: Legion Han Solo is the Rebels third commander and he brings new and interesting tricks to the Rebellion’s arsenal.



Base Unit Summary: (commander)

  • Damage Output – Ranged: Below Average: 3.5
  • Damage Consistency Ranged: Above Average: surge to crit, Pierce 2
  • Damage Output – Melee: Below Average: 1.125
  • Damage Consistency – Melee: Above Average: surge to crit
  • Damage Resistance: Above Average: 55.6% + Cover
  • Wounds: Average: 6
  • Attrition: Above Average: 6/figure
  • Range: Below Average: 1-2
  • Speed: Average: 2
  • Courage: Above Average: 2
  • Role: Commander, Control

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