Never Tell Me the Odds Blog: Rebel Commandos – Snipers

Snipers and saboteurs will be in separate articles, since they play so differently.

The format of this article will be a little different, since the full squad and strike team play differently but share the same weapon upgrade.  First we’ll hit some high level pros and cons common to both versions of Commando snipers, then we’ll look at the sniper rifle stats and some data-informed decisions.  Lastly, we’ll look at the differences between the full squad and strike team, and some tactics for each.


  • Can get in cover more easily
  • Sharpshooter allows more hits through cover
  • Courage 2 means usually getting both actions
  • Pierce is the shizzle
  • Unlimited range Pierce is the fo-shizzle (that’s more than shizzle, right?  Or is that my nizzle?)


  • Fragile for cost
  • Spec ops slot reduces activation control

The stock commandos feel very much like elite Rebel Troopers.  You probably aren’t taking them naked, though.  Indeed, this article is all about snipers, so lets move on to the weapon.

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