LOV gets a boost in there High Command Qualifier Spots

LJ Peña, who’s running the Star Wars Legion portion of Los Vegas Open this February, announced today that the High Command Qualifier spots have been increased from 2 to 6.

He also mentioned on the Star Wars Legion Facebook page that the schedule has been moved around a bit:

“You will now play two round robin games, then have lunch, and then compete your last two round robin games. The 12 player top cut will immediately follow round 4. Please refer to the event document for more details,” Peña said.

The event’s schedule and other details can be found here: https://lasvegasopen.squarespace.com/shop/lvo-2019-star-wars-legion-tournament

Currently the event is sold out but a waiting list can be signed here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfwFmSaRkU0YNfQ-BU01PNK75Vr3zjYZWe8jMlHgSmpcE70jA/viewform

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