Yet another prize update as we move closer and closer to the Las Vegas Open. Attached is the proof for our Team event and Narrative prize – “Sabacc” inspired card sleeves! Every single player that attends either the Narrative Event or the Team Event will receive a full set of 10 sleeves, enough to cover your command hand with a few spares.

I’ve also included the final final version of the Order tokens. We had to change a few small details so they would show nicely, but overall the samples turned out great, and I am excited to get these produced.

Looking forward to next month!


LVO 2020 Poker Chip Order Tokens

Swag time? Swag time.

I assumed we all enjoyed the token sets from last year? Great! Because if you’re playing in the Friday Heat OR the Saturday Heat, guess what you’re getting. A full set of 20 Poker Chip order tokens. Thanks to LTC ( for sponsoring the tokens!

Don’t worry Team / Narrative players, we’ve got something exciting for you too! Hopefully I’ll have the proofs to show you soon.

(Entourage and one Bonus token not shown!)

Las Vegas Open Legion Tournament Tickets Go on Sell…and Sell Out Immediately

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 2.56.54 PM

You read that right. Well, maybe not immediately. According to LJ (who runs the event) tickets sold out with in the first hour of being available.

While the main Star Wars Legion event is sold out, you can sign up for the waiting list.

There are also two other events with tickets available: the Team Tournament and the Narrative Play.

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Never Tell Me The Odds Blog – LVO: The Data Article, Part 2


This week, we continue our dissection of the match and list data from LVO.  We are going to look at some stats by list archetypes.  Small sample caveats apply, but it would be boring if we didn’t use those small samples to jump to some outrageous conclusions, wouldn’t it?

You can find Part One of the LVO data series here: LVO Data, Part One

“There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.” – Mark Twain

For each list archetype, we will hit a couple things: win/loss (overall, cross-faction, and mirror), battle cards cut, and bids.

Before we dive in to list archetypes, I will refresh your memory on the overall cross-faction win/loss number, because everyone always asks about that one: Rebels 26, Empire 24.  Empire and Rebels split roughly 50/50 when they faced each other.

We’ll go in descending order of popularity on the list archetypes.

Let’s dive right in, with the two most popular ones first, shall we?

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Never Tell Me The Odds Blog: LVO – The Data Article; Part 1

I love me some data.  Don’t you love you some data?  Strap on some assless chaps, because we’re about to go for a ride.

“There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics” – Mark Twain

So, the Las Vegas Open happened.  If you missed my brief recap and the top 6 lists from last week, check it out here.


The Legion tournament at LVO had 62 players, and those 62 players played 125 games.  I have in my hot little hands all 62 lists, and all 125 match report slips.

The match report slips were specifically designed for data collection.  On said slips were the player names, who won (obviously), red/blue player, factions, battle cards played, number of turns finished, and final score.  Below is an example of what the slips looked like.

Unfortunately not everyone filled out every field.  Final turn # was often left blank, which we will get to shortly.

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The Fifth Trooper Podcast: 26 – Already Know That Which You Need

Freshly back from LVO Jay and Evan talk LVO, New Spoilers, Playing Games and More.

Visit us across the inter-webs:


Twitter: @FifthTrooper


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The Legion Outriders Podcast: LVO Recap

The guys sit down (in person!) with L.J. Pena and Nick Freeman to discuss the biggest event in Legion’s short history, the Las Vegas Open! We recap what lists won, why this event was so successful, and which Outrider managed to lose to a T-47.

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NTMTO Blog: LVO Top 6 lists and (brief) Recap

Unless you have been wallowing in a Sarlaac pit, you probably know that the Las Vegas Open Maximum Firepower Legion tournament was this weekend.  62 players showed up to take part in the Galactic Civil War.  There were many heroic moments, some tight games, some gorgeous tables, and lots of awesome people.

The experience was a blast.  I had the privilege of helping out; setting up terrain, doing some judging, and generally performing whatever else my overlords required of me.  I got to meet tons of people I’ve never met in person but have interacted with on a near daily basis over the interwebs.  I was constantly impressed by the classiness and demeanor of my fellow Legion players.

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Impact X Blog: LVO 2019 Wrap-Up

LVO 2019 is wrapped. It was by far the largest SW: Legion event to date by nearly 300% and on top of that it had the best tables and best prize support out of any of them. I think everyone will tell you the same and I think we have set a good benchmark of what the community can do and what the game can be. Plenty of other people will tell you about the event logistics so I won’t cover them too much except to say that LJ did a fantastic job and this wouldn’t have been possible without him. 

The event also collected a lot of data which Orkimedes will be analyzing to give us a macro look at the meta which I am really excited about, and I will post the top lists to the list section for micro analysis too. In this post I want to talk more about my personal experience and what I think about the state of the game at the moment. 

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