LVO Poker Chip Order Tokens on Sale

from Lj Peña: “Players!

The Las Vegas Open (LVO) admin team is proud to unveil our newest prize – a full set of custom Las Vegas Open Legion Order Tokens!

Our order tokens will be custom printed on poker chips and will feature unit insignias on one side, and the event logo on the other. Each set comes with 20 tokens, enough for any combination of an 800 point army.

The plan was to buy a number of sets to add to the giveaway pool. We have instead decided to offer the community a chance to either buy a set for themselves, or help us reach our goal of giving all 64 LVO players a set!

This pool is open to anyone who would like to contribute to our cause. Players who are not going to LVO are welcome to purchase a set – they’re pretty great and we want everyone to enjoy them.

Each set is $17, and anything donated over that will help us reach our ultimate goal of all LVO participants receiving a set. Your purchase covers US shipping – shipping world wide should be discussed with us first before you donate!

If you’re interested, follow this link to get to the pool:

Please read the entire pool description to get your tokens once they’re ready! If you don’t email us your address, it’ll be hard to send you your product!

Thanks to everyone for making this tournament awesome. Can’t wait to see everyone in Vegas!

-LVO Legion Team


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