Never Tell Me the Odds: Rebel Commandos – Saboteurs

This is part two of the Rebel Commandos article series.  This article focuses on Proton Charge Saboteurs; the sniper article can be found here: Rebel Commandos – Sniper

The format of this article will be a little different, since the full squad and strike team play differently but share the same weapon upgrade.  First we’ll hit some high level pros and cons common to both versions of Commando saboteurs, then we’ll look at the proton charge stats.  Lastly, we’ll look at the differences between the full squad and strike team, and some tactics.

Note: Endless at Yavinbase also has a great article on Commandos generally, which you can find here: Databank – Rebel Commandos

Also, I want to credit Rick Stegich for many of these tips.  Rick is a solid saboteur player who earned an Adepticon invite at the Michigan GT with a triple saboteur list.


  • Can get in cover more easily
  • Courage 2 means usually getting both actions
  • Proton charges are excellent for area denial
  • You get to blow stuff up (usually)


  • Fragile for cost
  • Spec ops slot reduces activation control
  • Saboteurs are defensive units; a high bid and turn 0 are very important
  • Need to be run in twos or threes to be effective

Lets get to the blowing stuff up bit.

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