Impact X: Gathering Legions Campaign

Nicholas Freeman posted the following on Facebook earlier today: “My local group and I have been playing around with these rules and are about to start a full campaign to give them a real test… but I think they are in a place where I can share them with the rest of you and get your feedback too… Plus who doesn’t want to make their own Star Wars heroes?!

Give them a read through and share your thoughts. What would be most helpful for me to hear is things you find unclear, things you think have been missed or should be added, some of your favorite house rules you play with, and then make a character or two and share them below!

the goal going forward with this, once the character progression is in a good place, is to partner with Imperial Terrain to create some rules for terrain rules such as the Imperial walls, barracks, etc to include in campaigns. As well as to create campaign specific mission cards.”

You can find the article for the campaign after the jump:

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