Sorastro: Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide Ep.11: Chewbacca and Gaarkhan

I hope you all had a great holiday season! I meant to post this up but alias I’ve been sick!

Incase you needed some tips in painting those lovable fur balls you most certainly picked up last week, here is another wonderful tutorial from the master miniature painter himself, Sorastro. The tutorial features Chewbacca of course, but also includes Gaarkhan which gives you a second option for those Wookiee Warriors. After following these guides you should be able to create your own custom paint jobs for the rest of your walking carpets.

Hello! This is a beginner’s guide to painting both Gaarkhan and Chewbacca from Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Imperial Assault miniatures game. (Buy the game here: or for the UK here:
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0:36 – Steps Overview
1:10 – Prep ‘n’ Spray
1:45 – Fur Base and Highlights
6:28 – Fur Dry Brush
7:33 – Shading the Fur
12:34 – Additional Details
15:58 – Gaarkhan’s Armour
19:57 – Facial Details
23:52 – Bases

The music for the series is now available on a range of platforms including:

“Starborn” album on Spotify:…

“Starborn” album on iTunes:…

“Starborn” album on Bandcamp:…

“Starborn” album on Googleplay:…

“Starborn” album on Amazon:…

-Citadel paints: Mournfang Brown, Deathclaw Brown, Screaming Skull, Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, Tyrant Skull, Lahmian Medium, Reikland Fleshade, Rhinox Hide, Leadbelcher, Ushabti Bone, Runefang Steel, Necron Compound, Eshin Grey, Ushabti Bone, Cadian Fleshtone, Abaddon Black, Mechanicus Standard Grey, Ceramite White, Lahmian Medium,’Ardcoat.

-Optional Colors:
Druchii Violet, Bloodletter, Lamenter’s Yellow, Ironbreaker, Russ Grey, Warplock Bronze, Hashut Copper, Typhus Corrosion, Nihilakh Oxide.
-Bases by Microartstudio:…

Specific Rosemary and Co. brushes I tend to use the most that could be a good basis for your first set of brushes (select “short handle”):
-Series 33 brushes, sizes 0,1,2 and 10/0:…
-Series 56 flat brushes for dry brushing, size 3 for smaller areas, and size 6 for large:…
-However, Series 768 are a much cheaper alternative you can use for dry brushing and will do the job just fine:…

All music composed by and © copyright owned by Sorastro.

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