Paint All The Minis Podcast: Alex Davy

This episode is from earlier this past summer.

Show Notes: This week I talk to Alex Davy (currently of Fantasy Flight games) the creator and contributor to a number of games that we all know and love such as: Descent, Dust, Star Wars X Wing, Star Wars Armada, and most recently Star Wars Legion. 

Alex was a brilliant character to speak to and I personally really enjoyed speaking to him, as I have mentioned a lot previously it is great to speak to these people and realise that they are good people, it really adds an extra layer of interest to me when I know the person behind the game. 

A trillion thankyou’s to Alex for taking the time to talk to us no money changes hands with these episodes so it is purely down to his good will that allows it to happen, many thanks Alex. 

As always I hope you enjoy the show.

Listen after the jump:

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