The Fifth Trooper Podcast: 31 – I’m One With The Force. The Force Is With Me

On this episode we wrap up our “Real Talk” Series with a very important topic: Depression. We then talk about Krennic, our lists and go way off topic.

For those in need or suffering with depression or anxiety or just want more information:

Center for Disease Control: World Health Organization: The Samaritans: (877) 870-4673 (HOPE)

You can call or text the Samaritans at any time: (877) 870-4673 (HOPE)

The Samaritans, a non-profit organization, offer emotional support to anyone who calls feeling lonely, depressed, suicidal, or just are looking for someone to talk to. Whatever the reason, you will get a trained volunteer who offers non-judgmental support. If you’re concerned about someone you care about in your life, they can also help with advice and resources.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is the granddaddy of all crisis hotlines in the U.S. Your call gets routed to a regional or local crisis center, staffed with trained individuals who provide confidential emotional support to everyone who calls. The call and service is completely free. You don’t have to be feeling actively suicidal in order to use this service — it’s for anyone in emotional distress. You can also take advantage of their online chat service.

Podcasts Attack!

Here are the podcasts that have been released in the last 24 hours:

Notorious Scoundrels: 24 – Headshot!

The Scoundrels talk more AdeptiCon practice, sniper tactics, and Sabine and Bossk command cards.

The StabCAST: 19 – Heart Of Battle Cards

This week on STABcast the guys look Battle cards, some battle reports, more battle cards and news wrap up, then more battle cards

The Legion Academy: 3 – Polite Talk With LJ Peña And Jeff Arney

Join us this week as we interview LJ Peña aka Talkpolite about his bevy of upcoming projects including the newly announced Legion Tournament Circuit, the record breaking Invader League, and Adepticon. We also chat with Jeff Arney, the 312th Legion’s community leader and tournament organizer about his advice on community building. We also cover some tech talk on Stormtroopers and Rebel Troopers.

Legion Academy Podcast: Episode 2 – Burn the Wookies at the Rallypoint


Welcome back to The Legion Academy – a Star Wars Legion podcast featuring Joe DePinto and John Griffin of the 312th Legion, as well as Shawn Morris of The Terrain Studio. This week we chat about our upcoming Rallypoint Qualifiers, tech talk on Royal Guards and Wookies, how to learn from losses, and the ways in which we prefer to demo the game to new players.

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The Fifth Trooper Podcast: 28 – Moon Jockys

On this episode we make a couple of big (to us) announcements and we also continue our discussion on game burnout.

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Twitter: @FifthTrooper


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