Imperial Specialists Canonical Painting Guide

If you’re like me you throw any creative uniqueness to the air and totally embrace canonical uniformity.

Below are a few things that I’ve found helpful while painting my minis from the recent Specialists Expansions.

Imperial Officer:

The officers that over see Stormtrooper units wear black uniforms:

Also here is a chart for their ranking. The only issue is the designers gave the Imperial Officers a double row of insignias. Not a huge problem as the officer’s hand covers it up mostly.

Imperial Comms Technician:

This mini is based on the Death Star Gunner and wears a Jedha Stormtrooper backpack:


This guy…gal? should not be confused with FX-7 from Empire Strikes Back. FX-9 is featured during the birth of Darth Vader scene from Revenge of the Sith.

R4 Astromech:

Lastly astromechs are my personal favorite. If you’re looking for canonical Imperial R4 astromechs a simple google search with give you plenty of options.

To get you started though here’s who I went with for mine:



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