Preview the Darth Maul and Sith Probe Droids Operative Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

“At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge.”
–Darth Maul, Star Wars™: The Phantom Menace

Darth Sidious’ minions operate in the shadows, fomenting unrest and bending galactic conflict to their master’s will. Of them, one dark warrior stands above all the rest: Darth Maul.

Sidious’ young apprentice is eager to test his skills against the Republic’s Jedi Knights, and with the aid of his DRK-1 Sith Probe Droids, he will hunt down any enemy of the Sith. Soon, you too can harness Maul’s rage with the Darth Maul and Sith Probe Droids Operative Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion! Continue reading →

Legion Academy: Medical Droids

Medics are units that possess the Treat ability. Below you will find the rules associated with this keyword.

Treat X : Capacity Y

Treat X: Capacity Y is a free card ability and can be used as a free action during a unit’s activation. When a unit uses the Treat X: Capacity Y ability, place one wound token on the card that has the Treat X: Capacity Y keyword, then choose a friendly trooper unit at range 1 and in line of sight and remove a total of up to X wound and/or poison tokens from that unit or restore up to X miniatures to that unit. This ability cannot be used if the card that has the Treat X: Capacity Y keyword has a number of wound tokens on it equal to or exceeding Y.

• Wound tokens on cards are not considered to be on units and do not count toward a unit’s wound threshold, nor can they be removed by abilities that remove wound tokens from units.

• Treat X: Capacity Y can be used on units that have the trooper, emplacement trooper, or creature trooper unit type.

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Impact X Blog: Death Troopers Unit Analysis

Death Troopers are an elite variant of the Stormtroopers who are part of Imperial Intelligence. They serve as protective details and bodyguards for important Imperial officers and members of the Tarkin Initiative, as well as being used as special-mission experts and specialized commandos. In Star Wars: Legion Death Troopers ar the fourth Special Forces choice for the empire and represent an elite strike force and shock troopers.


Imperial Specialists Canonical Painting Guide

If you’re like me you throw any creative uniqueness to the air and totally embrace canonical uniformity.

Below are a few things that I’ve found helpful while painting my minis from the recent Specialists Expansions.

Imperial Officer:

The officers that over see Stormtrooper units wear black uniforms:

Also here is a chart for their ranking. The only issue is the designers gave the Imperial Officers a double row of insignias. Not a huge problem as the officer’s hand covers it up mostly. Continue reading →

Impact X: Imperial Officer – Ruthless Commander: Unit Analysis

Not every hero of the Empire gets the recognition they deserve – some war heroes sacrifice for the cause without any notion of fame or glory. In Star Wars Legion the Imperial Officer is a low cost non-unique all purpose commander who is skilled at keeping troops on the field.

 Base Unit Summary: (commander)

  • Damage Output – Ranged: Below Average: 1

  • Damage Consistency Ranged: Average: none

  • Damage Output – Melee: Below Average: .625

  • Damage Consistency – Melee: Average: none

  • Damage Resistance: Below Average: 33.4%

  • Wounds: Average: 4

  • Attrition: Above Average: 4/figure

  • Range: Below Average: 1-2

  • Speed: Average: 2

  • Courage: Above Average: 2

  • Role: Commander, Support

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Imperial Specialists Upgrade Cards Leak

After last week’s reveal of the Rebel Specialist update grade cards were released by FFG, most of the community expected an article to reveal the Imperial Specialists upgrade cards which never came.

Stores began getting their shipments in today and Crabbok posted an unboxing video of the Imperial Specialists upgrade cards on YouTube

Here are images from the video: Continue reading →