Never Tell Me The Odds Blog – LVO: The Data Article, Part 2


This week, we continue our dissection of the match and list data from LVO.  We are going to look at some stats by list archetypes.  Small sample caveats apply, but it would be boring if we didn’t use those small samples to jump to some outrageous conclusions, wouldn’t it?

You can find Part One of the LVO data series here: LVO Data, Part One

“There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics.” – Mark Twain

For each list archetype, we will hit a couple things: win/loss (overall, cross-faction, and mirror), battle cards cut, and bids.

Before we dive in to list archetypes, I will refresh your memory on the overall cross-faction win/loss number, because everyone always asks about that one: Rebels 26, Empire 24.  Empire and Rebels split roughly 50/50 when they faced each other.

We’ll go in descending order of popularity on the list archetypes.

Let’s dive right in, with the two most popular ones first, shall we?

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